Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Information Literacy Across the Curriculum: Using the Information Literacy Standards as a Blueprint for Strategic Curriculum Planning. You may have seen this announcement already. I have had it pop into my e-mail four times now (three from lists and one from a friend). It looks like a good topic. In particular, I like how they are going to tie information literacy in with strategic planning.

From the site:

After successfully implementing a localized information literacy program, many librarians and faculty face the more daunting task of integrating IL skills across an entire curriculum. Undertaking this task is time consuming and demands the patience and support of a number of campus constituents. But when complete, it offers more vision and greater curricular integration than most realize. The process is actually easier than it appears because the Information Literacy Standards for Higher Education provide a highly flexible blueprint for strategic planning.

This workshop offers a guided introduction and first hand accounts about how to integrate IL competencies systematically throughout a general education or major curriculum. Programs highlighted will range from example of a system wide approach coordinated across a state university system to a well articulated college-wide program that encompasses both majors and general education, to programs targeting a single discipline that act as "portable" models with hooks to other disciplines.

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