Thursday, April 21, 2005

On Google Scholar

On Google Scholar. This is an intriguing blog I was pointed to by a friend yesterday written by a librarian named Sonderman. It deals with Google but has other topics as well. The description reads, "Wherein a librarian tracks a paradigm shift. Love it or hate it, the effect will be profound. Have any news, tips, tricks to pass along or think you might be interesting in posting here? tsondermann (at) gmail." When the author uses paradigm shift, he is either going to be profound or full of it. I think this author is more on the profund side of that equation.

On recent post dealt with information literacy. Sonderman wrote, "The first I’ll call Information Literacy Fatigue Syndrome. Those suffering from ILFS often start sentences with 'If I hear one more word about Information Literacy, I’ll scream/die/leave/quit….' I’m finally getting the sense that a larger proportion of the library population is beginning to take a position that I’ve longly held. "

Also, "The second, and more interesting, front is centered around the idea that Information Literacy is actually a dangerous thing. We’ve put all our eggs in the IL basket, and turned everything in the library into a teachable moment. Unfortunately, a number of studies have shown that users aren’t interested."

I agree and disagree with both of the above points. (And since I am not taking a stand I guess that puts me on the full of it side of the equation...) I'll keep checking back to this blog. I hope it stays good. It is real hard to have a blog and always be fresh and insightful.

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