Friday, April 29, 2005

Sylvie Chevillotte

Sylvie Chevillotte. I am excited that Sylvie Chevillotte will be visiting the Park Library of Central Michigan University next week. I realize that most of the readers of this blog will not be able to attend her presentation but I'll post the announcement here anyway.


CMU has the honor of hosting Sylvie Chevillotte, a Fulbright scholar studying Information Literacy in the United States.

Sylvie Chevillotte is a chief librarian, researcher and teacher in library and information science at ENSSIB (French National Library and Information Science School).

For the past several years, she has assumed the shared responsibility of the innovative project FORMIST (, aimed at developing information literacy in French universities, and which is strongly backed by the French ministry for Higher Education. She has organized an annual symposium on Information Literacy, first aimed at a French audience, and since 2003 with international speakers.

She will give a presentation on information literacy at 10am on Wednesday, May 4th in Park 207. All library staff are welcome to attend.

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