Monday, May 09, 2005

Building Info-skills by Degrees: Embedding Information Literacy in University Study

Building Info-skills by Degrees: Embedding Information Literacy in University Study. This article is by Wendy Abbott and Deborah Peach. It was originally presented at the 2000 IATUL Conference Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia 3rd - 7th July, 2000.

From the site:

Late last year teaching staff at Griffith University participated in a symposium entitled 'Spotlight on Generic Skills & Flexible Learning'. This event brought together academic staff as well as library staff, learning advisers and other support staff interested in teaching and learning issues. The discussion was based on the premise that the University has a responsibility to ensure that its courses emphasise broad educational values and 'produce highly sought after graduates with globally applicable skills for the international market'.

It was acknowledged that the University consistently scores very highly with graduates for its development of generic skills. However at the same time staff expressed concern at the challenge of developing more flexible, student-centred learning environments that have generic skills embedded across all programs2. As a result there has been much debate in the University about which skills are important, how they will be acquired and how they could effectively be built into the curriculum. One outcome of these discussions is the project described in this paper. What follows is an overview of the project and a discussion about the integration and development of information literacy as a generic attribute in the curriculum and some suggestions on ways forward.

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