Wednesday, May 11, 2005

The King and Trek

The King and Trek. Did you know that King Abdullah II of Jordan appeared on Star Trek: Voyager? He had a walk on role (with no lines) when he was still the Crown Prince. The History of Jordan writes, "King Abdullah II succeeded his father Hussein following the latter's death in February 1999. Abdullah moved quickly to reaffirm Jordan's peace treaty with Israel and its relations with the U.S. Abdullah, during the first year in power, refocused the government's agenda on economic reform. King Abdullah II is the only monarch to ever appear on the American TV series Star Trek: Voyager. "

Personally, I think this is rather cool. It is nice to know that one of the Middle Eastern rulers is a big enough fan of American culture to appear on Star Trek. I am certain this will be a trivia question if it isn't already.

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