Friday, June 03, 2005

Louisiana Information Literacy Initiative

Louisiana Information Literacy Initiative. This looks like an interesting project. I had not heard of this before. This is a good use of state money. :]

From the site:

This project is designed to assist librarians in transforming a school library to meet the needs of the students of the 21st Century. The LILI Initiative, which consists of three and half days of face-to-face training, will cross multiple LCET initiatives, including Making Connections.

With the large amount of information now available on the Internet, it is important that librarians involve themselves in helping students become information literate. The Louisiana Information Literacy Model for Lifelong Learning will be the approach used in the professional development for teaching information and technology skills.

The activities are structured so as (1) to strengthen a librarian's understanding of the changes (particularly those impacted by technology) that will affect information literacy, and (2) to actively engage participants in discussions relating to the importance of teacher and librarian collaboration and its effect on student success.

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