Thursday, June 30, 2005

Old Maid Librarian's Club

Old Maid Librarian's Club. I am hearing lots of stories from some of the librarians who went to ALA in Chicago last week.

One reference librarian told me that she and several other young single female librarians formed a new group called the Old Maid Librarian's Club! It sounds funny but then I got to thinking about it...

My question - Why?

Old (and young) bachelor librarians tend not to have any problems finding women if they want them. And this despite the fact that they are male librarians which is not always socially accepted. If a man brings a woman home to meet his folks and he informs them she is a librarian, all will be well. If a woman brings a man home to the parents and tells them he is a librarian, some parents will have some immediate doubts about the man's ability to support a family and his masculinity.

Heck, I am married and I have had several inappropriate proposals from women who have ideas even when they know I am not available. (Despite the discomfort of these moments, it is good for my ego.)

So, why is it harder for women who are librarians to get men? Maybe this is not the case at all and the Old Maid Librarian's Club is just an exaggeration? This sounds like a fun research topic.

Actually, the librarian who told me this now informs me that she is just having fun with a stereotype! :]

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