Friday, June 17, 2005

Teaching Critical Thinking through Environmental Education

Teaching Critical Thinking through Environmental Education. This is a well done ERIC Digest which looks at how the environment can be used to teach critical thinking skills. This is a few years old (1989) but I found a few useful tips I will be using in my library instruction sessions in the future.

From the site:

The ability to think critically is essential if individuals are to live, work, and function effectively in our current and changing society.

Students must make choices, evaluations, and judgments every day regarding (1) information to obtain, use and believe, (2) plans to make, and (3) actions to take. As adults they will be living in a complex world and in a democracy where both individual and collective actions will require effective selection, processing, and use of information.

State and local curriculum guides contain goal and objective statements regarding the importance of critical thinking skills. National, state association, business and industry reports on education produced since 1983 have called for increased emphasis on higher-order learning skills, including critical thinking skills.

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