Tuesday, July 05, 2005

“Doing Disney” Fosters Media Literacy in Freshmen

“Doing Disney” Fosters Media Literacy in Freshmen. This is an excellent article which pertains to teaching information literacy via the media and Disney. It is by Virginia Crank and it appeared in the Fall 2005 issue of Academic Exchange Quarterly. It is a little too leftist for my tastes but the underlying method of getting students to think is good.

I have always been a big Disney fan and nothing has changed as I have gotten older. I personally like the Lion King the best. "You are my son and the one true king," Mufasa said. I still get chills up my spine when I see that scene. Dr. Crank probably could use this movie as well for her feminist readings of Disney. Why do the lionessess just sit around and take orders from Scar? Could't they have staged their own revolt instead of waiting for Simba to show up?

From the site:

Media-literate citizens understand that cultural productions transmit ideologies and influence private and public life. The Disney assignment sequence uses academic and non-academic sources to engage college freshmen composition students in reading and writing about Disney in order to develop media literacy, helping them become more critical consumers and helping them understand the cognitive dissonance that leads to real learning.

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