Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Educational Blogging

Educational Blogging. This is a noteworthy article which looks at the educational use of blogs. Of particular note is a listing of some good blogs that teachers might find useful. The article is by Laurel A. Clyde. It appeared in Teacher Librarian, Volume 32, Number 3, February 2005.

From the site:

The "InfoTech" article for the September 2002 issue of Teacher Librarian ("Shall We Blog?") provided an introduction to weblogs or blogs and blogging in general. In the December 2002 issue of Teacher Librarian, Theresa Ross Embrey provided "a guide to how teacher-librarians can use weblogs to build communication and research skills." She defined weblogs as "a cross between a diary, a web site, and an online community"; weblogs are sites built using specially designed blogging software that makes creating and maintaining a weblog a quick and easy process. Another key feature of weblogs is that they are organized with the most recent information (or "posts") first; as new posts are added to the blog, the older posts automatically work their way down the main page and then into the archives.

Weblogs have a number of applications in education, and particularly in the school context. There are a number of authoritative educational weblogs that can be used as sources of information and provide professional development material for teachers. There are weblogs that can be used by teachers and students as sources of information for curriculum-related activities. Some schools are using weblogs to provide information to parents and other members of the school community. Teachers and students are creating and maintaining weblogs as learning projects, as part of the learning processes in the classroom. This article will look at some of these educational applications of weblogs, with examples. The URLs of the cited resources are given at the end of the article.

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