Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Hoax Sites

Hoax Sites. This is a good collection of the many hoax sites which are on the Web today. It includes such classics as the Save The Pacific Northwest Tree Octopus, Lake Michigan Whale Watching, and Dihydrogen Monoxide Research Division.

I discovered for the first time such goodies as We Want Your Soul (company offering cash in exchange for souls) and Shards O'Glass (developer of glass shard edible consumer products intended for adults).

I feel kind of bad. I have yet to come up with a good hoax site. I think all librarians should. If we create good, high quality looking sites full of bad information we can help to flood the Web with worthless information and force the public to rely on us more! (We can't do much worse than all the search engine optimizers out there who ruthlessly promote low to no content pages to get those sites to the top of Google rankings to make more money.)

I have a few ideas. How about King Cobras of Michigan? I'll throw in lots of pictures and write about how the native King Cobra species of Michigan is threatened due to human fear and the human encroachment on their habitat. If I have good design, spell everything right, and pitch the right environmentally correct language, I might fool a lot of people into thinking the information is correct. I wonder if I could get the site to #1 ranking on Google for the term King Cobra?

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Anonymous said...

There are alot of hoax webistes claiming to be something while they are not...i had a list of all of them a few yearas ago..but now seems like you cant make a list because of large numbers of sites like these..