Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Technology and Library Instruction: A Bibliography

Technology and Library Instruction: A Bibliography. This is a bibliography I have compiled on bibliographic instruction for articles dealing specifically with library instruction and the Internet, library instruction and online catalogs, etc. It is in need of updating. Feel free to send me any suggestions you have for the list.

From the site:

Adalain, P. T et al. (1997). The student-centered electronic teaching library: A new model for learning. Reference services review, (Fall/Winter), pp. 11-22.

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Bender, L. J. and Rosen, J. (1998). Working toward scalable instruction: Creating the RIO tutorial at the University of Arizona Library. Research strategies, pp. 315-25.

Bernnard, D. F. (1999). Teaching web-based full-text databases: New concepts from new technology. Reference and user services quarterly, 39(1), pp. 63-70.

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