Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Information Literacy Weblog Update

Information Literacy Weblog Update. Here is the status of the Information Literacy Weblog which is currently having problems. This is Shelia Webber's response to my e-mail asking about the site:

Thanks for your concern! Someone tried to hack into the server, and unfortunately at the same time the researcher who'd been maintaining most of the stuff on that server got a job somewhere else, plus it coincided with a time when Stuart and I were away alot anyway ... therefore it has taken longer than we had thought it would to sort things out and get them up and running again. We are hoping that it will operational very shortly (hopefully in a fewdays time) - I'll email you when it is. We are also looking at getting the blog hosted somewhere with a bit more backup if things go wrong. By the way, Stuart Boon, here at Sheffield has also been a key person for the blog, he is the other person apart from me who has provided most of the posts. Best wishes Sheila.

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