Monday, September 26, 2005

Acronym Glossary (related to Information Literacy)

Acronym Glossary (related to Information Literacy). As information literacy is a part of library science, it is not surprising that it has a large number of acronyms. Outsiders probably get confused at all the strange sounding words that our papers and sites include.

Here are a few samples from the site of the day:

BIG6 - Mike Eisenberg and Bob Berkowitz's Information Literacy Problem-Solving Process
DORIL - Directory of Online Resources for Information Literacy
EDUCAUSE - consolidation of two prominent higher education technology associations (CAUSE and Educom)
FORMIST - French national information literacy resource for instructors, both teachers and librarians

I have decided to make up some of my own acronyms for information literacy. Here are two:

TWEIB - That which is easiest is best (the research method used by most students)
WIPILI - Work Inhibited Professor Initiated Library Instruction (Lazy Profs who think the library visit is just an easy lesson plan for them)

Do you have any? Post them in the comment field.

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