Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Information Literacy and the McKinsey Model

Information Literacy and the McKinsey Model: The McKinsey Strategic Problem-Solving Model Adapted to Teach Information Literacy to Graduate Business Students. This essay is by Christy A. Donaldson. It originally appeared in the Spring 2004 issue of Library Philosophy and Practice, 6(2).

From the site:

Graduate students are expected to be information literate and able to conduct library research. Unfortunately, many graduate students do not have the required skills and knowledge to do the research required at a graduate level. With more and more information available, students are easily overloaded with data and information. To make sure that our students succeed, in graduate school and in the workplace, we must make sure they have the knowledge to survive in today’s business world. The key is creating an information literacy program that will teach our graduate students these skills.

This paper proposes a program that uses the McKinsey strategic problem-solving model for teaching information literacy to MBA students. Collaboration between the business faculty members and university librarians is a key to the success of this program. The goals for information literacy are usually held in common by administrators, teaching faculty, and librarians; but there has been disagreement on campuses about how to accomplish these goals. Using the McKinsey model, an integrated information literacy program for graduate business students can be created.


Hugo Vargas said...

Mr. Lorenzen:

Desde hace algún tiempo he seguido su blog y, en específico, lo relativo a la alfabetización informativa. Mi interés es preguntar por los modelos seguidos y el uso, efectivo o no efectivo, de los mismos. En México se nos enseña en las escuelas de bibliotecarios el modelo NEIN, y, estoy leyendo su reseña y he leído sobre el modelo McKinsey. Quiero preguntarle a Usted si tiene o existe literatura que pueda evaluar los modelos existentes y proyectos de evaluación a los mismos.


Hugo Vargas

Anonymous said...

I am sorry. I do not speak Spanish. Can you repost this in English?