Wednesday, September 14, 2005

People for the Ethical Treatment of Pumpkins

People for the Ethical Treatment of Pumpkins. This is not a hoax site but one of clever satire. I found it very amusing. The baby in the pumpkin photo at the bottom is cute and the quote that goes with it is great! It reads, "We must change our pumpkin perceptions in order to change our pumpkin behaviors. The youngster in the photo wasn't born with a desire to wear a pumpkin. Most assuredly an adult gutted the pumpkin and placed the child inside. This young person will probably grow up to be a pumpkin abuser too. Look closely at the picture, is the pumpkin smiling?"

I hope this site develops some more. Perhaps some P.E.T.PU t-shirts for sale? Some bumper stickers? Some additional education articles on pumpkin liberation would be welcome as well.


Barb Shipman said...

Quirky but fun sight for pumpkin season. Thanks, Michael

Michael said...

Thanks Barb. I hope things are well at LCC.