Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Save the Manhattan Beach Mottled Roach

Save the Manhattan Beach Mottled Roach. Save one roach today, that tomorrow you may help to save millions! Another great hoax web site to share with your students. The music is a bit annoying so you may want to turn your sound down.

From the site:

While the common cockroach continues to hold its own against the encroachments of mankind and the reduction of its food supply through the inhumane methods of tightly sealed waste containers and insect resistant packaging, the Manhattan Beach Mottled Roach has an additional problem.

This majestic creature survives only in a small area, completely contained within the city limits of Manhattan Beach, California. It has become dependent on the special nutrients contained only in its small enclave. When this area becomes developed, the Mottled Roach will become extinct, following the path of the Southern California Giant Tree Slug and the Death Valley Yellowfin Tuna.

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