Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Best Sites for Classroom Instruction

Best Sites for Classroom Instruction. This is by Joanne Troutner. It originally appeared in the May 2005 issue of Teacher Librarian. Although aimed at the K-12 crowd, I found the article interesting and found a few new sites to visit.

From the site:

In keeping with the "Best of the Best" theme for this issue, these excellent web sites for finding well-developed activities for classroom instruction are offered. Some can be shared with your fellow educators for professional development purposes. Several of the sites are sure to spice up classroom instruction as we continue toward the end of the school year. Enjoy!

Start by checking the vast number of free professional development resources found at the Annenberg/CPB site, www.learner.org/. Educators in grades K - 12 will find resources and workshops on teaching reading, writing, literature, history, and connections between art and various curriculum areas, as well as the other core subjects of math and science. Access to the video is available via Windows Media Player; make sure to have a broadband Internet connection if you plan to use this option. Registration is simple but required for free access. Several of these well-crafted workshops are also available for graduate credit. Keep your teaching skills current with this excellent resource.

Looking for a way to spice up your science classroom after that spring vacation? Then be sure to look at the North Carolina Aquarium site at www.ncaquariums.com/. The site features a Kid's Tank section with a coloring activity in addition to some Flash-operated learning activities. Older students will want to explore the conservation and research activities at the three different aquariums. In addition, a number of well-crafted FAQs provide information about exhibits, eastern seashore animals, and other water life. The use of Quick Time movies is certain to engage student attention.

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