Sunday, November 27, 2005

Comment Spam for the Holidays

After several days of no internet access, I discovered when I logged in that I had 12 comments on this blog. Of these, only one was a real comment.

The other eleven were spam. Each had a note like, "Thanks for this great blog! I like it. Please check out these helpful links." And of course there then followed links to commercial sites with the links using keywords the the spammer was trying to market. I removed each of these "posts."

I am sick of this. As such, I am now requiring comment verification for blog posts. This means I have to approve every comment on this blog before it is published. I am online all day at the library and I log in at night before I go to sleep. Real comments will not have to wait long to be approved.

Also, I am ending anonymous comments. I have discovered that some posts under this method look OK. They tend to have a short response which seems to be in tune with the blog post. However, under closer scrutiny, it becomes apparent that the poster has a link from his/her name to a spam site. This is not evident to me in my e-mail when I get a notice that a post has been made.

I realize all of the above may suppress comments from real posters. But what else can I do? I have worked hard on this site and I refuse to allow it to be a spam magnet.


Tutorialbase said...

Hey Mike, Its Jack...yeah, I noticed some people were spamming and i realized you might have changed the settings..its too hard to let the blog without Moderation..specially when it has a high pr so all spammers are behind the high pr Blogs..well anyways Happy Thanks Giving and Good Change!.

Michael said...


Thanks for the comment. I figured you would probably be gone for good when I changed the settings as the Jack posts would no longer have links back to your sites.

I am glad you have stuck around.


Tutorialbase said...

Nope...I really like your Blog as i am a Writer too..and i dont care about the link backs...I just enjoy participating and contributing my comments.:D