Friday, November 18, 2005

A Concise Grammar of Feorran

A Concise Grammar of Feorran. Yet another clever hoax site...

The abstract for this site reads, "Feorran is a language of the Ross Group of the Antarctic Language Family. Site presents a descriptive grammar of the language based upon fieldwork undertaken in 1995-96. Also included are concise lexicons, both Feorran to English and English to Feorran, folktales in Feorran with analysis, and a brief ethnographic sketch."

Considering there is no indigenous human population in Antartica, this is clearly a hoax. However, I bet many students would fall for it. It looks real and even has a bibliography. Unfortunately, most students do not like to study languages so that might not even look closely enough to even evaluate the site.

I really need to start my own hoax site for fun and profit. I just can not decide on a good enough concept.

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