Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Death row escapee found at liquor store

Death row escapee found at liquor store. Here is to one smart but yet dumb criminal...

Texas Death Row inmate Charles Victor Thompson escaped from prison last week. He evidently changed into civilian clothes and then used a forged ID to walk out of jail.

Pretty smart right?

A few days latter he is found drunk in front of a liquor store in Louisiana. You would think an escaped felon awaiting a death sentence would go into hiding and avoid anything that might result in bringing attention to himself. Right?

Getting drunk in front of a liquor store in that context is rather dumb. That bottle of liquor may well cost him his life if he is actually executed. If he has a drinking problem, I bet he sobers up forever on Death Row. I hear they do not serve drinks there.


Anonymous said...

You can rest assured Mr. Thompson will be executed. Texas doesn't do many things well, but it is good at killing people.

Bruce Bumbalough
erstwhile Michigander and now Texan.

Anonymous said...

wow..what a big criminal and such a dumb mind..i taught they were smart..but you just dont know how smart people are nowadays..i cant believe he got caught.