Monday, November 07, 2005

Google Print and Finding Book Citations

Google Print and Finding Book Citations. I gave Google Print a try over the weekend. Of couse, I did an ego search to test it out.

I was quite pleased to see a total of 7 books had cited me. I was unaware of all of them. There was even a whole paragraph about me in the book Ten Trends in Higher Education.

I think this will prove useful for faculty seeking tenure and promotion. Currently, the citation databases only index periodicals. Hence, it is very difficult to track how often someone is cited in books. Google Print will solve this problem by allowing everyone to see when their work is cited in a book.

Due to copyright, only a small part of the book is available. That is OK. To see if you have been cited, you only need to gain access to that small part of the book that Google Print will let you see. At that point, you can just make a note of the citation for your records or you can get the book from a library or bookstore.

I realize Google Print is controversial still. Copyright issues may yet derail it. However, I like this service and I think patrons will like it too.

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