Monday, November 21, 2005

Google Print Becomes Google Books

Google Print is dead. But the publishers can not rejoice quite yet...

In a strange move, Google has renamed the project Google Books.

The official Google Blog notes, "What's in a name? Quite a bit, actually; what you call yourself says a lot about what you think you are. And we've been thinking lately that Google Print should really be called Google Book Search."

"Why the change? Well, one factor was all the comments we got about how excited people were that Google Print would help them print out their documents, or web pages they visit -- which of course it won't. "

"More important, the change reflects our product's evolution. When we launched Google Print, our goal was to make it easier for users to discover books. Now that we're starting to achieve that, we think a more descriptive name will help clarify what our users can do with it: namely, search the full text of books to find ones that interest them and learn where to buy or borrow them."

"No, we don't think that this new name will change what some folks think about this program. But we do believe it will help a lot of people understand better what we're doing. We want to make all the world's books discoverable and searchable online, and we hope this new name will help keep everyone focused on that important goal."


jack said...

I think its a good move because 'Google Print' had kinda diffrent meaning for what Google was doing. The word Google can be found in every dictionary as a meaning for search so Google books would mean Search Books while Google print would mean Search prints (What is prints??)... really clever move.

Michael said...

I agree that it probably is a good move. And the sooner they do it the better for them as well. However, I got used to Google Print so this seems weird. I'll get over it.