Monday, November 14, 2005

Library Link of the Day

Library Link of the Day. I found this helpful resource the other day. My Machievelli paper was the link of the day on November 10th which brought this site to my attention.

The Library Link of the Day page has the daily link as well as directions for subscribing. I also found it worthwhile to browse through the archives. This site has been active for several years now.

From the site:

The Library Link of the Day provides you a daily link for keeping up to date with the library profession. Destinations include the latest library news, good reads on the web, and other valuable resources that a library knowledge worker should know about. The link is presented without commentary. Links always lead to free content, but sometimes require registration (also free).

Who is it for?

If you already read ten library-related weblogs, subscribe to twenty discussion groups, and scan another thirty or so news sites, this service may not be for you. If you are involved with or interested in libraries but didn't know that there are hundreds of library-related blogs on the web, this service is designed specifically for you. It is a way for busy librarians and library fans of all kinds to review items of interest that they may not have heard about otherwise. See the Information Sources page for links to related sites.

Can I get the link delivered?

You can sign up to receive the daily link via e-mail. Just fill in the form below. You will receive a confirmation message.


jack said...

Hey, pretty nice..i think you should submit your blog to the site will be nice to see more people here.

Michael said...

Thanks. I get a decent amount of traffic as it is though. I average about 180 unique visitors per day. That is pretty good for a library blog.

jack said...

180 is not bad..but i think it deserves better as it has many pages indexed.