Saturday, December 17, 2005

Giganto: The Real King Kong

Giganto: The Real King Kong. I watched this show on the History Channel Thursday night.

Here is the official description of the program, "Commissioned from distributor CABLEready and produced by Bosch Media/White Wolf Entertainment, Giganto: The Real King Kong uses modern science/technology to probe the mystery of a giant ape named 'Giganto Pithecus', known to exist between 40,000 and 400,000 years ago - and determine if a present-day descendent still roams the earth."

Which means, it also explores if Bigfoot is real and whether the Giganto Pithecus still is alive today.

Naturally, I am a skeptic. Yet, I have always been torn by the Bigfoot evidence. There is a lot! There are just too many credible witnesses to dismiss it out of hand. Further, the possibility of a small North American ape population which remains shy to humans is not unbelievable.

But, where is the body? Give me a Bigfoot corpse and I will believe...

The show is clever. It constantly uses the term Giganto Pithecus to refer to Bigfoot. And it uses the term Bigfoot sparingly. As such, it shifts the language from Bigfoot (which conjures up images of UFO's, Elvis, and Atlantis to many viewers) to one of a scientific possibililty.

Is Bigfoot real? Produce a body of a Bigfoot and I will agree. Until then, I will leave it as a possibility with the burden of proof on the Bigfoot (Giganto Pithecus) proponents.

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~Dev said...


I caught the last half (or third) or the show last night/this morning, and found it to be very interesting. Since childhood, I've always been fascinated by legends of the "Sasquatch" being based in present-day reality, and I guess (like the X-File's Fox Mulder), I WANT to believe. In the 25-odd years that have elapsed since my childhood days, I have grown more sophisticated; unfortunately I am also more cynical - much of the ‘magic’ I once believed in as a kid is now faded away into the sometimes harsh realities of every-day life and adulthood.

Still, there is something intriguing about “Bigfoot”. As you said, there is A LOT of compelling and credible evidence (in the form of believable eye-witness accounts, the famous “Patterson Film” of 1967, and thousands of footprint castings... as well as vocalizations recorded through the years. Still no body, though. It’s unfortunate that it will ultimately come down to that – either killing/capturing one in the wild, or stumbling on one’s corpse/remains before science (and the world) will believe.

I do hope someday that I see one. Even if I don’t gather any evidence (other than my account), it would be validation to me of something I have long held as possible and magical.