Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Jurassic Park: an Information Literacy WebQuest

Jurassic Park: an Information Literacy WebQuest. This is a fun information literacy exercise! In it, students develop rubrics, use them to evaluate the quality of Web sites, and write a memo. And of course the theme is dinosaurs. This is the type of imaginative assignment that actually helps information literacy skills stick with the student.

From the site:

Imagine this: you're standing in the middle of Jurassic Park, surrounded by dinosaurs. How do you know which of them are harmless and which are planning to have you for lunch? Can you tell just by looking?

Of course not.

The same is true of information on the Internet and the World Wide Web. You are surrounded by sites. Some of them have information you can trust. But some are outdated, inaccurate, biased, or misleading. Can you tell which is which just by looking?

Not necessarily. A Web site that looks good may have bad information, and a Web site that looks bad may contain very valuable information.

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