Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Trends & Issues in Library & Information Science 1990

Trends & Issues in Library & Information Science 1990. What was happening in the LIS field 15 years ago. This ERIC Digest has the answers!

Many of the trends are still trends today. These include focus on the users, changes in collection development to accomodate technology, reaching out to new user groups, and promoting literacy.

There is one 1990 trend that looks archaic now. That is the reliance on CD-ROM. The article notes, "The decreasing production costs and the ease and low cost of adapting existing hardware platforms to make use of CD-ROM are some factors which are contributing to CD-ROM's popularity. In addition to bibliographic databases, electronic resources now available on CD-ROM include online catalogs, full-text reference and periodical sources, and numerical databases. The implementation of telecommunications access and networking has also improved CD-ROM timeliness, database availability, and multiuser access. Advances in networking hardware and software make it possible to group CD-ROMs in a "tower" and provide access through a local area network (LAN). This approach is being successfully implemented in school library media centers, academic libraries, and public libraries. "

CD-ROM technology had some time in the sun but if faded quickly. Unfortunately, it was replaced with overpriced and restrictive licensed networked electronic resources.

And that ends today's trip down memory lane.

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