Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Sleep effects on par with drinking beer

Sleep effects on par with drinking beer. Waking up is hard to do! Consider this, "Professionals like doctors and pilots, who are suddenly woken up from deep sleep, need to take some time before taking major decisions, a new study has concluded. Researchers have found that people are as woozy when they wake up as they are after drinking several beers, Nature magazine said."

This makes perfect sense to me. I am a light sleeper and my mind clears almost as soon as I wake up. However, my wife is a different story...

How many people oversleep, jump out of bed, and get in their car to drive to work everyday? There are tons of these people on the roads in the morning. And their driving skills are the same as if they had drank a bunch of beer first. This is truly a frightening thought.

I wonder if this has an impact on reference service. Do librarians assigned to early morning desk shifts do poorer at answering questions than those scheduled later in the day? Does a sleepy librarian give better service than a drunk librarian? This could make for a good study.

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