Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Student Diversity and Learning Needs

Student Diversity and Learning Needs. This is an ERIC Digest which looks at how diversity can impact how students learn. The article is focused on K-12. It also tends to focus on special needs students. However, the underlying theme is a good one that I think is applicable to librarians. How do we best accomodate different learning needs in our classrooms and in our libraries?

From the site:

To successfully reach out to a diversity of learners requires substantial support. Although budget-minded critics will argue that such support is costly, they need to be reminded that an investment in prevention today will eliminate or lessen the expense of remediation tomorrow. Not surprisingly, educators who receive substantial help are more effective when carrying out worthwhile innovations that increase all students' potential for success. This notion of support is vitally important because students' "at-riskness" will not disappear and because the government and educational community continue to believe in the efficacy of raising academic standards. This Digest will discuss some sources of support intended as a complement to and a scaffold for teachers and administrators who experiment with different ways of meeting a diversity of learning needs.

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