Thursday, January 19, 2006

Teachers get guidance on mixing technology and education

Teachers get guidance on mixing technology and education. I found this article in Stars & Stripes.

It is nice to see the American DoD (Department of Defense) schools addressing information literacy. Many military children spend a lot of time in these base schools during their K-12 education.

More information on the DoD schools can be found at Raising Minority Academic Achievement: The Department of Defense Model.

From the site:

More than 50 educators from 11 base schools across the Pacific spent last week at the New Sanno Hotel in Tokyo learning how to infuse technology and information literacy into their curriculums.

The conference, one of four this semester, helps teachers keep up with technology children experience in their daily lives. It brought together two teachers, a principal, an education technologist and an information specialist — formerly called librarian — from schools in each Pacific district to study ways to bring technology into all classes.

The team approach was new this year, said Charles Hendryx, education technology coordinator for Department of Defense Dependents Schools Pacific and Domestic Dependent Elementary and Secondary Schools Guam, based on Okinawa.

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