Friday, January 06, 2006

Teaching And Testing Information Literacy Skills

Teaching And Testing Information Literacy Skills. I got a hold of a copy of this book the other day. It is a bit dry at points but as a whole I thought it was a worthwhile read and would be of interest to those interested in information literacy instruction. The book is by Jane Bandy Smith.

From a School Library Journal review of the book:

Smith does a fine job of comparing and contrasting various schools of thought and of providing matrixes, examples, and plans. She reviews the rise and acceptance of information literacy, traces a continuum from older ideas of isolated library skills to this more inclusive life skill, and presents a frame for curriculum development with five pages of excellent instructional objectives by category and grade level. One chapter addresses curriculum implementation; others offer a terrific overview of effective teaching and testing techniques. Helpful unit- and lesson-planning designs are included. In the last chapter, two school librarians talk about their experiences with in-depth units using this design. Most chapters end with useful checklists for implementation as well as extensive endnotes and references. This powerful book will illuminate the inexperienced and reinvigorate veteran school librarians.

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