Monday, January 30, 2006

Web Credibility Project

Web Credibility Project. Stanford University has this site up which is intended as a research center for determing why people find a Web resource credible or not. The site also has links to some of the past research that staff members have completed.

From the site:

As part of the Persuasive Technology Lab, we are investigating such questions as:

What causes people to believe (or not believe) what they find on the Web?

What strategies do users employ in evaluating the credibility of online sources?

What contextual and design factors influence these assessments and strategies?

How and why are credibility evaluation processes on the Web different from those made in face-to-face human interaction, or in other offline contexts?

In this ongoing project we are:

Performing quantitative research on Web credibility.

Collecting all public information on Web credibility.

Acting as a clearinghouse for this information.

Facilitating research and discussion about Web credibility.

Collaborating with academic and industry research groups.

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