Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Wikipedia Plagiarism Ends Journalist's Career

Wikipedia Plagiarism Ends Journalist's Career. And yet another caught professional plagiarist! This is the first journalist I have heard about being busted for copying Wikipedia though.

Here is the report from Slashdot:

An anonymous reader writes "Tim Ryan, a 21 year veteran entertainment columnist for the Honolulu Star Bulletin, was fired yesterday after an investigation revealed multiple instances of his incorporating unattributed paragraphs from other sources. This case is unique in that it was first revealed by Wikipedia after an attentive Wikipedia editor noted similarities between a Wikipedia article and one of Ryan's columns. However he wasn't fired until after other news outlets started to run the story. Sadly, though the Star-Bulletin has admitted to the plagiarism, they failed to publicly acknowledge that Wikipedia was responsible for bringing this situation to light."

I will be updating my plagiarism show and tell presentation for faculty to include this story. I wonder though, if the journalist had written the Wikipedia articles himself, would have copying them for his newspaper been plagiarism or just sloppy documentation?

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