Friday, February 10, 2006

Censoring Google in China

Censoring Google in China. What a huge difference the Chinese government censorship of Google is having on search results. Via the Coming Anarchy Blog, I learned about how dramatic it can be.

Click here for a Google Image search of Tiananmen on the US Google and here for the same search on the Chinese Google.

Where are the tanks in the Chinese version? They do not exist! Very interesting.

When we talk about censorship in the United States, we are never talking about it at this level. I think it is safe to assume that the difference in results is also just as obvious in the regular Chinese Google Web search. This, coupled with Yahoo selling out a Chinese dissident and the madness over the Danish Islam cartoons, does not bode well. Expect more censorship by foreign regimes and groups in the future. I just hope we as librarians are just as willing to confront censorship issues caused by groups other than the US government or fundamentalist Christians. This overseas censorship is even scarier...

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You may appreciate this Google protest site.
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