Saturday, February 04, 2006

Some Recently Noticed Sites I Like

Although not comprehensive, here are a few sites I like that I have noticed in the last few months. I think all of them are valuable and I hope they reach a wide audience. - This is a large collection of quotes. It is sorted by topic and authors. I found it easy to locate quotes.

Rhodarian - Library news and information with a Rhode Island accent.

We Made Do: Recalling The Great Depression - Project of the students in Mooresville High School in Mooresville, Indiana. The project's focus is on the 1930's, the era of the Great Depression. It contains oral histories, period photographs and e-mailed contributions of viewers who have taken time to share their memories of living in this period of economic upheaval.

Morgan Report - Last year, a faculty member where I worked asked me to get him copies of the Blount Report and the Morgan Report. Both deal with events in Hawaii in 1893. The Blount Report was everywhere but the Morgan Report was not online and was impossible to interlibrary loan from other libraries. I have never had so much difficulty in gaining access to a government document. But it is online now. The faculty member was very pleased when I sent him this link.

Library Instruction Wiki - A collaboratively developed resource for librarians involved with or interested in instruction.

History News Network - This is an attempt to allow historians to put modern events in a historical perspective.

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