Thursday, February 02, 2006

Support Freedom of Speech in Denmark

Support Freedom of Speech in Denmark. After reading Storm grows over Mohammad cartoons at CNN, I can only shake my head. This is clearly an intellectual freedom issue that will have long term consequences. Do Muslims have the right to never be offended? And if so, does that mean the free speech rights of everyone else on the planet should be curtailed?

Evidently many papers in Europe (and bloggers all over the world) have been reproducing these cartoons in support of the Danes and the newspaper which originally published these cartoons.

I think it would be highly appropriate for the American Library Association to issue a resolution supporting the Danes and reaffirming the principles of free speech worldwide. Free speech is the heart of democracy and I hope the people of Denmark do not abandon their democratic principles because it upsets some people who threaten terrorism and diplomatic sanctions.


The Real Hull said...

Freedom of expression must be absolute otherwise it is not truely free.

Sir Vlad said...

what was published does not serve any social or cultural case.

what was published is considered as incitement of hatred between the different nations.

and where's the so called freedom of speech when somebody argues about the holocaust ?

Michael said...

"what was published is considered as incitement of hatred between the different nations."

Perhaps but the author had the right to publish it.

I have seen much worse anti-Christian messages from the Western media. And, have you seen some of the anti-Jewish stuff published by the Arab press?

The question is, do free speech rights end when Muslims are offended? If so, should free speech rights also be curtailed in the West when Christians (or other groups) are offended?

This is a huge issue. Should censorship be allowed in the Western media based on what upsets clerics in Saudi Arabia?