Friday, March 03, 2006

Reading, Information Literacy and Namibia

Reading, Information Literacy and Namibia. This is a short article which quotes Becky Ndjoze-Ojo (Deputy Minister of Education in Namibia) on reading and information literacy skills.

She said, "Initial instruction in reading is of basic importance in developing later reading and information literacy skills. Children can be helped at home, kindergarten or at school to acquire reading skills. Much of this help is concerned with stimulating the children's language skills by talking to them, encouraging them to talk and reading to them."

I am glad to see at least one government official sees that reading is important and also then connects that to information literacy. Reading literacy and information literacy are indeed connected but it is hard to get to the later without first having the former. I realize I am stating the obvious but there are so few good current quotes on information literacy on Google News that I thought this was noteworthy.


Russell said...

Too bad this deputy minister of educatin isn't in the U.S. Maybe we should make her a citizen.

DC said...

I'm a Namibian living in the UK, and it feels good to hear that a Namibian Minister has said something good that you guys actually concur with. THANX