Thursday, March 02, 2006

Tomorrow's Professor Blog

Tomorrow's Professor Blog. I discovered this blog yesterday via an e-mail from my doctoral advisor. (Thanks Pam!) It is a blog geared towards college teaching and scholarship. Although the focus is on future college faculty, I am sure many currently teaching academic librarians will enjoy browsing it on a regular basis.

From a press release:

As we announced back in early November, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Stanford University have joined forces to produce a forum to allow readers of the "Tomorrow's Professor Mailing List" to reach out to other subscribers and to hear and share thoughts with colleagues from around the world. Despite a bit of delay, we are happy to announce that we have gone live and you can now access this discussion center, "The Tomorrow's Professor Blog", at You also will be able to access the site through a link on each of the regular mailings and through the homepage of the "Tomorrow's Professor Mailing List" website. Please visit the site at your convenience, make use of it as you see fit, and let us know what you think of this forum including any suggestions for improvement. Send your thoughts to "". There is also an ability to access this through the homepage of the site. At the present time, only the most recent mailings are posted on the site and available for comment. We will, of course, post all new mailings as we move forward in time. We will also be working to post all the mailings of the past. This will, however, take some time.

We hope that everyone finds this new forum useful and we look forward to a live and interesting interaction that complements the communication of the regular twice-per-week mailings.

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