Thursday, April 27, 2006

Calvin and Hobbes and the Library

I have always loved Calvin and Hobbes. It is my all time favorite comic. My oldest son is named Calvin. This strip is the inspiration.

Some great soul has put The Calvin and Hobbes Searchable Database online. You can search the entire run (over 2000) of strips for words.

Go ahead and type in library! You will find 7 great strips. Type in librarian and you will get a slightly different response. I love the second result. In the last caption Calvin says, "Those librarians are a sharp bunch." All he wanted was a list of dirty words...


Teaching with Calvin and Hobbes said...

Teaching with Calvin and Hobbes

Anonymous said...

I'm a big calvin and hobbes fan too. I saw the strip about the librarian a long time ago in a paper. i was looking for it online when i found your blog. The website that you have mentioned here is exactly what i was looking for. thanks!