Monday, April 24, 2006

Librarians on call 24 hours a day with AskAway

Librarians on call 24 hours a day with AskAway. This new service in Wisconsin is getting some good publicity. Even the Governor of Wisconsin got involved with the publicity.

I know where I can ask all the hard reference questions I get now. I'll tell the patron I will get back with him/her, submit it to AskAway, let the librarians in Wisonsin do the work, and I will take credit for the correct answer.

Or maybe not. But looking around the AskAway site, I see nothing that would prevent an out-of-state patron from using the service.

From the site:

Have a question? They'll find an answer.

Local residents now can benefit from an expanded service called AskAway, a statewide library research helpline that aims to boost information literacy.

"This service brings the expertise of a librarian into homes throughout our community," said Kim LaPlante, library services manager at Northeast Wisconsin Technical College.

Gov. Jim Doyle proclaimed Monday as "AskAway Day" in Wisconsin and urged everyone to take advantage of this state-wide virtual reference service.

AskAway can help area residents get reliable answers from a librarian — day or night — on the Internet.

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