Monday, April 17, 2006

Library Instruction Round Table News

Library Instruction Round Table News. I have just discovered (or at least found again!) that LIRT News is available online. This includes coverage all the way back to June 1995. (That classic issue had the original version of my "Remember the Gin and Tonic!" : Using Alcohol to Teach Boolean Searching article in it. Absolutely do not try this lesson plan at your library!)

Each issue has the normal array of boring information on ALA committee work in LIRT. However, there is far more! Each issue has articles on library instruction, an annotated bibliography of articles of note relating to library instruction, and columns on technology trends.

When I was an ALA member, I was also in LIRT. I used to read this quarterly publication when new issues were mailed to me at home. As I am unlikely to ever rejoin ALA, it is nice to be able to find LIRT News online. This is a good publication. I have some reading to do as I am years behind with this title...

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