Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Marcus Aurelius: The Philosopher-Emperor of Rome

Marcus Aurelius: The Philosopher-Emperor of Rome. My latest paper I had to write for the doctoral program is done. I have placed it online. It deals with Marcus Aurelius and his leadership skills. It is written a bit awkwardly due to requirements for the class as this assignment required us to incorporate elements from eight different courses to help prepare for the comp exams. However, from past experience, I know the Google spiders will find it and people will actually read this so here it is.

In the abstract I write, "Marcus Aurelius was the Emperor of the Roman Empire from 161 AD to 180 AD. He was also a noted philosopher. Historians generally consider him to have been one of the greatest Roman Emperors. It is easy to see why. There are many aspects of his leadership which demonstrate his management skills. These include his ability to navigate ethics, his understanding of the culture of the Roman Empire, his ability to manage the organization of the Roman bureaucracies, his success in introducing change, his capability to set policy, and his cleverness in problem solving. This paper will look at examples from all of these areas as well as provide an overview of his life and his philosophical beliefs. The book Marcus Aurelius: A Biography (2000) by Anthony R. Birley will be used to illustrate some points."

I think Roman history is definetly a good places to look for models of good leadership (and bad)! I hope to emmulate Marcus Aurelius more and hope to never approach leadership from the point of view of Commodus (or Nero).

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