Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Cruise Ships and Information Literacy

My wife and I will be taking a cruise in a few weeks. I note from the ship brochure that there is a library and internet room onboard. This got me to thinking, how do cruise travelers seek and evaluate information when they are on a cruise and away from their traditional sources of information?

There are a lot of cruise ships out there and tons of people take vacations on them. Hence, I think this is a significant question. Do passengers have a better information seeking experience on ships which have real librarians (there are a few) versus those libraries staffed by the ship hospitality staff? Do different nationalities seek information differently on ships? Does age make a difference? There is a lot that could be explored here.

A search of Library Literature reveals that there is not a lot out there on this. It looks like this could be a good research area for an ambitious researcher. I wonder if I handed out surveys during the cruise if I could then write the cruise off as work related on my taxes? If I pick this as my dissertation topic, could I get a dissertation grant to travel on some cruises to do research?

I probably will not pursue this topic. However, I hope someone does someday. I would love to hear the results of such a study or series of studies.

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Anonymous said...

I was on a cruise last year and used the internet and library almost daily. I never thought to ask if the person working in the library was an actual librarian or not. Hmmm . . . Be careful of mounting internet costs. It's expensive!