Monday, June 26, 2006

Fourth Issue of the Google Librarian Newsletter

The newest Goolge Librarian Newsletter is up at

Articles include:

How does Google Book Search work? In "Google Book Search: An Introduction," we explain how the project started, how we handle the display of books, how people are using it, and more.

Of course, with any project this big, there are multiple stages of development, and the challenge is making sure our search tools are as useful as possible all along the way. In "Libraries and Google/Google Book Search: No Competition!," RLG Senior Analyst Walt Crawford shares his thoughts on how Google and libraries can better work together, and offers his advice for improvements to Google Book Search.

If your patrons ask you about techniques for researching their genealogy, check out "Find a Page from your Past", an article by Googler and librarian Ben Bunnell about how people are using full-text book searches to find clues about their family history.

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