Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Gallery of Hoax Websites

Gallery of Hoax Websites. Here is a nice (but slightly dated) site listing with some annotation hoax websites. This should help to find examples of good looking bad information sites for information literacy classes.

Here are few of my favorites:

Afterlife Telegrams -Terminally ill volunteers will memorize your messages and, upon death, deliver them to your friends and family on the other side.

Aluminum Foil Detector Beanie - The low-cost device described on this site will help you combat unwanted mind control.

Britain for Americans - Americans visiting Britain can often be confused by the peculiar customs and speech of the island inhabitants. This site, created by John Hopkin of the United Kingdom, offers puzzled Americans a field guide to Britain.

Christian Women's Wrestling - These Christian woman have come up with a novel way of reaching out to sinners.

From the site:

These aren't sites about hoaxes. These are sites that are, themselves, hoaxes. The lifespan of hoax websites tends to be rather brief. So don't be surprised if some of the links no longer work.

I do my best to check them once in a while, and if they're dead I'll move them to the Hoax Website Graveyard. But if you notice that a link is dead, just let me know. All these links worked as of September 20, 2003.

NOTE: I stopped adding to this list in late 2003 when I began keeping a regular weblog. Hoax websites that I've found since then can be found by looking at the hoax websites category for the weblog. There's a lot of them there (more than there are on this list).

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