Friday, July 14, 2006

New Issue of Illinois Libraries is Up

The Summer 2006 issue of Illinois Libraries is now online. I thought I would point this out as I have an article starting on page 22 titled "Srategic Planning for Academic Library Instructional Programming."

My wife assures me that it is dreadfully boring but I hope some librarians find it of some value.


Sheila Webber said...


My colleague Professor Sheila Corrall (who was a university library director before she joined my Department) has written in the area of strategic planning e.g.
Corrall, S (2000) Strategic Management of Information Services: a Planning Handbook. London: Aslib/ IMI.
At the moment she's looking specifically at IL and strategic planning - I'll tell her about your article, Im sure she won't find it boring!


M said...

Thanks Sheila. I am glad someone else is interested in this too.