Sunday, August 27, 2006

The Lion, the Librarian, and Mainstage

I have not been good at posting to this blog lately. After years of being diligent at updating, I have been bad this summer. I have a good excuse though! I have been working on an information literacy lesson plan that incorporates lions! Just kidding...

However, I did dress up as a lion for Mainstage on the Central Michigan University campus today. Mainstage is a big welcome back party for students. They are given free food and entertainment. Also, campus groups and local businesses set up tables to interact with the students. The library had a table as well.

The theme of Mainstage this year was the circus. Accordingly, the library table had the headline of "tame your information needs at the Park Library." Hence, me in the lion costume. (My thanks to the Lions Club of Mt. Pleasant for letting me use the lion outfit.)

I was able to talk (and roar) with a lot of students today about library student jobs and ways the library can help them. As such, despite the discomfort of the outfit, I consider today a success. And I also hope the drunk girl who shoved a hotdog in the lion's mouth sobers up before classes begin tomorrow morning. (And I am still cleaning mustard up from the suit. Yuck!)

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