Thursday, August 03, 2006

School librarians offer essential guidance to students

School librarians offer essential guidance to students. This article is by Suzanne Hinnefeld and it appeared in a recent edition of the South Bend Tribune. It is supportive of school librarians.

I liked this sequence of questions from the article:

In spite of this growing record of evidence-based research supporting the value of certified school librarians, school corporations are choosing to fill school librarian vacancies with classroom teachers lacking appropriate qualifications or training in library science. Is a certified, qualified school librarian professional serving your child? To find out, consider asking your principal these questions:

Is collaboration between the certified school librarian and classroom teacher an integral part of the school library program?

Is a library curriculum that addresses information literacy standards in place?

Does a professional school librarian teach a sequential progression of research skills?

Is the school library managed by a trained, certified school librarian?

Are books in the collection current?

Are they absent of bias, misinformation and inaccurate portrayals of racial, ethnic, gender and disability issues?

Do they support all areas of the curriculum?

Are library policies in place to address censorship issues, collection development and management, and library use for patrons with special needs?

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