Sunday, September 03, 2006

Paranormal information seeking in everyday life: the paranormal in information action

Paranormal information seeking in everyday life: the paranormal in information action. This article is by Jarkko Kari. It was published in Information Research, Volume 4 No. 2 October 1998.

The article deals with information literacy and paranormal research. Normally, to me, this would mean teaching students how to find literature that teaches students to think critically about paranormal claims and to use peer-reviewed research when studying the topic. This article is more than this and although hard to follow at points is worth looking at.

From the article:

The purpose of this licentiate's study is to examine information action (needs, seeking and use) in the context of paranormal information (information about the paranormal or information supposedly acquired by paranormal means) in a particular situation, as experienced by people who are interested in the supernatural. The central aspects of the research are its focus on the individual, situation, meanings and process, which should amount to a holistic picture of information action. The study is primarily theory-driven, and its conceptual framework is grounded upon Dervin's sense-making theory. The basic elements, which are situation, gap (need) and use, are enhanced by two new elements, construction (seeking) and barrier. This is done in an effort to develop a theory of information action that is more concrete and unambiguous than the original sense-making theory. The main objective of the study at hand, however, is to analyze the content of information action, rather than its structure. The research is qualitative and somewhat exploratory by its nature. The data is constituted by 20 micro-moment time-line interviews which were conducted in Finland in 1995. Right now, the material is being coded for analysis.

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