Sunday, October 29, 2006

Clever Comment Spammers are Getting Cleverer

Over at We Interrupt This Broadcast, Keith Tipton has a good commentary on Comment Spammers Aren't Just Bots Any More. Keith has some good comments on what I am also noting as a new trend from spammers.

I enjoy Keith's blog. Although I am not a stay at a home dad, I appreciate his thoughts on this issue. I wish at times I had the choice to be at home every day with my boys. I wish everyday was Saturday and Sunday but it is not that simple of course. Keith and I have similar interests on topics like critical thinking, Battlestar Galactica, library science, and volunteering at what is appearing to be the archaic practice of contributing to Web Directories. And both of us have been treated poorly by oligarchs at one of these directories.

Keith notes that some Web site spammers are personally attempting to spam sites. Bots have a lot of success in spamming blogs because many naive bloggers approve comments which seem to be on topic but are really just an attempt to get a link to a questionable site which may only help the spammer.

Keith published my comment on this. It notes, "I am getting real life human generated spam as well. I am noticing well written (sometime detailed) comments directly responding to my posts that then include a link to a questionable site. I am deleting these. However, I have no doubt a real person wrote these rather than a bot. I have noted the Google PR of the blog in question dictates the frequency of the comments. My PR 6 blog (which is sometimes a 7) gets about 3 spam comments a day. My other two blogs (both 5s) get only a couple a week. The spammers have a plan and it is directly relates to fooling Google and other search engines."

The comments at this blog, American Presidents Blog, and another blog which I keep under a different name which I do not want to reveal yet, are getting increasingly sophisticated. A real person is writing a comment that relates to the post at hand. However, these comments then link to a site (cleverly blended in to the Blogger accept or reject options for a comment in many cases) that I have no choice but to reject. And the higher the Google Page Rank a blog has, the more likely a comment will actually be spam. I reject spam comments everyday and the frequency of my rejections is increasing.

No matter what we do, the spammers will respond and try to counter it. Every effort to counter it will provoke a response. No search engine will ever create a full proof algorithm to counter spam. Hence, spammers will learn and adapt. All bloggers need to be certain that before any comment is approved that any links attached are for the betterment of the users of the world. If not, hit reject!

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